About Satori

The Satori Centre for Psychotherapy Training was established by Charl Vorster and Larissa Ernst with the ideal of providing continuous professional development for psychotherapists of the highest possible standard.  Charl had been training Clinical Psychologists at Master and Doctoral level for more than three decades and recognised an acute need for continuous professional training after the basic clinical qualification had been obtained. Furthermore, Charl had been presenting a variety of workshops in the field of psychology or psychotherapy and the psycho-legal field in various different contexts over approximately the past 15 years.

He was joined in this by Larissa who shared the vision of training and improvement of psychotherapists in order to enhance the level of service rendering to the public. At this point, in 2010, Charl had been providing continuous training under the auspices of North West University for a few years where he was joined in this endeavour by Larissa.  After much discussion and planning they decided to establish an independent training centre with a wide variety of relevant courses and workshops in the field of psychotherapy. This was also seen as a prelude to a postmasters diploma in psychotherapy which will hopefully also be introduced in the not too distant future.

Both Charl and Larissa shared a passion for intensive, hands-on training with an emphasis on experiential learning.  This manner of training necessitates a direct and personal involvement of trainees that usually goes hand in hand with intensive subjective experiences of “light bulb moments” as new insights and deeper understanding of the subject materialise.

Thus, the name “Satori” the Japanese term for “a moment of enlightenment”.  The subheading of our training centre namely “an enligtening experience” was a “light bulb” moment of Larissa, who also conceptualised the striking logo of sun rays shining through.  The training team at our centre continuously strives for excellence in psychotherapy training and we sincerely trust that our clients will have a deeply enriching and satisfying enlightening experience on their journey with us.

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