IMPACT – The Story of Interactional Therapy (2011)



By Charl Vorster

This book vividly illustrates the nature and method of Interactional Therapy as evolved and developed by the author and colleagues over the past three decades. Based within the paradigm of General Systems Theory, this form of therapy also neatly integrates Humanistic Theory and Communications Theory to form a powerful and tangible therapeutic tool for effectively addressing Psychological and Psychiatric difficulties. This text is unique in the sense that it involves the reader directly in the actual process of therapy in the format of lively experiential learning that is both excitingly enlightening and immensely impactful. The book also introduces the Interactional Pattern Analysis – a flexible and empowering diagnostic procedure to assist the psychotherapist in pinpointing the crux of psychological difficulties and directing effective therapeutic input.


General Systems Theory and Psychotherapy: Beyond Post Modernism (2003)


Vorster, C. GST. ISBN 9780620294881By Charl Vorster

This is one of the few books available today to assist the reader in developing a comprehensive frame of reference for understanding the development and evolvement of an interactional view of the process of psychotherapy. In separate chapters devoted to the main contributors in this exciting field, the text informs the reader how the emphasis in psychotherapy gradually shifted from an orthodox traditional intra-psychic approach to an inter-psychic view, with emphasis on observable, tangible interaction between individuals in the here-and-now. The book also points out the valuable contribution of the post-modernistic development in the field of psychotherapy as well as its shortcomings and side-tracking of optimal therapeutic service rendering.


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