Rapid Induction Hypnosis

      • Date

        2015 in Pretoria

      • Cost


      • CEU’s

        14 points

Hypnotherapy, as is well known, is a powerful psychotherapeutic tool that yields tangible results.  This introductory workshop will focus on basic induction techniques as well as hypnotic regression and post-hypnotic suggestions.  At more advanced levels participants will be introduced to “Rapid Induction Hypnosis”, as evolved from the traditional forms of hypnotherapy by Prof Charl Vorster.  This form of hypnosis is a unique way of producing a deep state/trance of hypnosis within a fraction of the time usually needed.  It replaces the traditional approaches to induction and makes hypnotherapy accessible to a larger percentage of clients.


This workshop will be presented again in 2015


Training in the IPA is a prerequisite for this course.

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